California State University World Languages Council


  • To provide vision and leadership for the teaching of languages other than English and their literatures and cultures
  • To promote quality in the teaching of languages other than English and their literatures and cultures
  • To support the diversity of language programs across the CSU
  • To encourage research and scholarship in language, literature and culture
  • To share expertise among the CSU community
  • To promote collaborative endeavors within the CSU community and beyond
  • To promote internationalization of the curriculum

Executive Council

PresidentDamian BacichSan Jose
Vice PresidentDarci StrotherSan Marcos
Secretary-TreasurerEmily ClarkSonoma
Northern RepresentativeNatalie MuñozFresno
Southern RepresentativeIvonne Heinze-BalcazarDominguez Hills
CLTA RepresentativeYoshiko Saito-AbbottMonterey Bay
Past PresidentsSandra Pérez
Brian Castronovo
Edith Benkov
San Diego
Ex-officioLeo Van CleveChancellor’s Office


Resolutions and Resources

World Languages Council Members

  • CSU Chico ~ Christine Goulding (chair) & Rony Garrido
  • CSU East Bay ~ Meiling Wu (chair), Gabriela Diaz-Davalos, Monique Manopoulos
  • CSU Fresno ~ Natalie Muñoz (chair) & Kristi Eastin
  • CSU Fullerton ~ Nathan Carr (chair), Jinghui Liu, Montserrat Fuente-Camacho
  • CSU Long Beach ~ Aparna Nayak (chair), Ruixi Ai, Bonnie Gasior; Barbara Kim (chair, Asian/Asian Am. Studies) & Kiyomi Chinen
  • CSU Sacramento ~ Curtis Smith (chair), Edward Baranowski, & Maria Mayberry
  • CSU San Marcos ~ Silvia Rolle-Rissetto, Marion Geiger, Darci Strother
  • CSU Stanislaus ~ Jason Winfree (chair) & Teresa Bargetto (Director)

Recent News

World Languages Council of the CSU


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