Resolution on the Diversity of Language Offerings


April 16, 2004

WHEREAS, the California State University is dedicated to the serving the needs of the community and its diverse populations, and

WHEREAS, the population of California, with its ties to communities and countries throughout the world, is in a key position to foster cultural understanding and political and economic connections, and

WHEREAS, linguistic diversity is a key element in understanding the many cultures in California and the world, and

WHEREAS, the diversity of language offerings is threatened in many of our schools and universities, and an October 2003 report by the National Association of State Boards of Education warns that foreign language programs risk becoming a “lost curriculum,” and

WHEREAS, the current situation in the world exemplifies the danger that arises when cultures are unable to communicate with and understand each other, and

WHEREAS, it is not always easy to predict which languages will be economically or geopolitically important to our nation in the future, and

WHEREAS, developing proficiency in the language and culture of a country requires many years of study,

Therefore, be it

RESOLVED that The California State University Foreign Language Council declare the diversity of language offerings in university departments to be a crucial aspect of the mission of the California State University, and be it further

RESOLVED that the Council enjoin its member departments to maintain diversity of language offerings with financial and programmatic support, and be it further

RESOLVED that the Council vehemently oppose any attempt to eliminate programs on the basis of temporary budgetary problems, misconceptions about the nature of linguistic and cultural study in our departments, or unwillingness to support the necessary diversity of our programs, and be it further

RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to Charles Reed, Chancellor of the California State University, as well as the Academic Vice Presidents and Deans of the appropriate colleges at all twenty-three California State University campuses.

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